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Whether you love V-day or hate it, Magpie Bath has something for you!

Our “dark” collection includes:

1) ”Wicked” Sugar scrub- Charcoal, Blood Orange, Wild Rose and Peppercorn

2) “Anatomical” heart bath bomb- Cinnamon, Honey, Cloves, Absinthe

3) “Get Wasted” Conversation hearts set- 

  • ”fuck off” -Black (Charcoal)- Gin & Tonic with notes of Rosemary, Lemon and Peppercorn
  • ”nope” -Red- “Boxed wine” (Grape + Merlot + Chardonnay)
  • ”k thnx bai” – Purple- Margarita Time

4) “Wash my Hair of You” Shampoo bar- Whiskey and Chocolate with Charcoal

5) “Love You to Death” Coffin Bath Bomb-  Black Rose, Leather, Moss, Bourbon, with Rose Petals

Our “light” collection includes:

1) “Innocent” Whipped soap- Peach, Cotton Candy, Marshmallow and Lemon

2) “Intimate” Strawberries & Champagne bath bomb with golden fizzing melt

3) “Something Sweet” Conversation hearts set-

  • “Luv u” – Pink- Maraschino Cherry, Vanilla & Coconut
  • “Be mine” -Blue- Neapolitan Ice Cream
  • “BFF” – Green- Banana Split (Vanilla, Banana, Chocolate, Sugar)

4) Red nail polish “Queen of Hearts”

5) “Sweetheart” cupcake bath bomb- Chocolate with Raspberry Bath Whip Frosting

6) ”Baby Cakes” Petit Fours Bubble Bars- Lemon Chiffon with Lavender Vanilla fizzing melt frosting (in two sizes)


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Wicked, Anatomical, Get Wasted, Wash my Hair of You, Love You to Death, Innocent, Intimate, Something Sweet, Queen of Hearts, Sweetheart, Baby Cakes Small, Baby Cakes Large


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