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Are your products safe for kids/sensitive skin etc?

Our products are all made with gentle ingredients, and we have been told by various customers that ours are the only bath bombs their children with eczema/sensitive skin can use. That being said, we make no medical claims, and you should always test new products on a small patch of skin before using all over. Always make sure that you use our products only for their intended use, and dilute in the appropriate amount of water if necessary.

What is a shampoo bar, and why would I want it?

Think of a shampoo bar as bar soap for your hair. It takes up less space in the shower, creates way less plastic waste, doesn’t contain water and therefore needs no preservatives. It is the equivalent of roughly 3 bottles of shampoo (depending how much you use) and is also less messy than liquid shampoo.

Why are your bath bombs packaged in plastic?

We do shrink wrap all bath bombs in biodegradable plastic. We need to make sure that the products stay clean and fresh for you, can travel well, and that the scents don’t mix together. As often as we can we choose biodegradable plastic over other types, though some items may be packaged in plastic jars or other containers that we encourage you to reuse if possible.

Where is local pickup in London? How else can I get my order?

We offer worldwide shipping through Canada Post, $10 flat rate delivery within London, Ontario, or you may pick up your order at our handy-dandy contactless pickup cubby. Local pickup is in North East London (Fanshawe Park Rd & Highbury), and if you select this option, you will be provided with the full address when you schedule your pickup date.

What payment methods do you accept?

Currently cash is not preferred due to Covid.

You can pay via PayPal, Credit card, or email transfer (please note orders with EMT will not be processed until the email transfer is received)

Can I just send you a message on Facebook/Instagram/by email to order?

Unfortunately, we do need you to place your order via the website because the website keeps track of stock for us, and helps to eliminate errors in inventory levels. If  you are needed a larger or custom order, you can email us at dawn@magpiebath.com to let us know what you need.

How long do back orders take?

Depending on the reason for the back order, they can take between 1-8 weeks. Ordering items that are back ordered will ensure that you will get your order first, as soon as it is made, and avoid you having to check back. You will receive email updates providing you with time estimates.

Can you gift wrap my item, or include a special note?

Yes! We love making people happy! We have even included marriage proposals in some of our bombs.

How about custom orders?

Of course! Send us a message using our Contact Us page, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We love mixing scents, and making special orders for party favours etc. We can even customize the packaging to your colour scheme, or add names dates, or any other special information.

Tell me more about jewelry bath bombs!

The jewelry is 925 when possible, but sometimes will be silver or gold plated. We do not have appraisals for our jewelry, but select items we deem to be good quality.

We wrap up the jewelry items when we receive them, so even we don’t know which items are inside each bomb. The surprise is part of the fun! Sometimes we will have special edition items with specific jewelry, and that will be marked on the product page.

Where else can I find your stuff?

Currently we are only available at two stores:
Briwood Farm Market in St Thomas &
Betty’s Consignment in Tillsonburg