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Tell me more about jewelry bath bombs!

The jewelry is 925 when possible, but sometimes will be silver or gold plated. We do not have appraisals for our jewelry, but select items we deem to be good quality.

We wrap up the jewelry items when we receive them, so even we don’t know which items are inside each bomb. The surprise is part of the fun! Sometimes we will have special edition items with specific jewelry, and that will be marked on the product page.

How long do back orders take?

Depending on the reason for the back order, they can take between 1-8 weeks. Ordering items that are back ordered will ensure that you will get your order first, as soon as it is made, and avoid you having to check back. You will receive email updates providing you with time estimates.

Can you gift wrap my item, or include a special note?

Yes! We love making people happy! We have even included marriage proposals in some of our bombs.

How about custom orders?

Of course! Send us a message using our Contact Us page, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We love mixing scents, and making special orders for party favours etc. We can even customize the packaging to your colour scheme, or add names dates, or any other special information.